Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nobody does that

nobody gets frustrated with some kid who's trying to be funny and doesn't realize that comments and actions can be taken personally.

nobody stares into a mirror and wonders who the guy on the other side is.

nobody wonders if his life is going where he wants it to go.

nobody gets sad because life is just hard sometimes.

nobody wonders if he's still good looking anymore.

nobody wonders where the 20 yr old kid full of life went, or the 30 yr old dreamer disappeared to.

nobody questions if there's still a future out there worth chasing.

nobody wonders if he's still got it or he ever had it.

nobody pushes to be better anymore.

nobody wants to know that he's loved still.

nobody feels like he's wandering around in a fog where everything is going in slow motion because his brain won't process things as quickly as he used to.

nobody creaks and groans as joints ache.

nobody questions whether the day to day stuff has to get done.

nobody does that.


1 comment:

Al said...

I guess I am nobody. because some of those things are certainly true for me.