Monday, October 8, 2012

The Grey Cup

see the excitement in my eyes?  it's amazing to me how nervous and anxious i was at the prospect of getting my pic with the Cup.  i already have a pic with the Vanier Cup but i really hadn't anticipated getting this shot at any time.  yes, it's pretty shallow but there's also 100 years of history in that mug.  100 years of sweat and dedication.  100 years of smashmouth and then helping a man back up at the end of the play.

notice that i'm also wearing my Ref's jacket?  it carries some extra worth to me because i've also poured 10 years worth of dedication to the game of football on an amateur level.  that's 10 years of my own sweat and vision toward a goal.

i got so hyped that i asked a buddy to take another picture.  that way i'd have a couple shots for the memory of it all.

we were told when we got there that we could touch it, we could kiss it but we just couldn't pick it up.  too bad, i would've loved to have held it above my head for a few moments.

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