Wednesday, May 15, 2013


it is during the anxious times of waiting to see if i will get what i want that i find i pray the most.  that's not how i want to be though.  i don't want to treat God like a magic genie who's job it is to provide me with my 3 wishes, the first of which would be to have unlimited wishes.  prayer should be about the search for balance on my daily journey and the ability to adapt to the changing circumstances that come my way.  sometimes i'm pleased to say that i live in that balance and i commune with God and all around me but there are other days where i live in the anxiety of what could be and what i would like to be.
i interviewed for a supervisor's position yesterday.  there are 2 positions available and the Ian who's interested in growth would very much like to take on the challenge of one of those positions.  i really do believe that i'm the right choice and i want those in authority to recognize it also.  at the same time however, there are many folks who could/would be good choices.
oh to live in contentedness.  actually, i do live in contentedness.  i'm happy where i am but i also want to see growth in this plant that is earthed in fertile ground with a temperate climate and a caregiver who wants good things for me.
no more magic genie stuff though.  give me balance God.


Anonymous said...

So what happened with the supervisor job? Maybe that is none of my business anymore, but you are OFTEN on my mind so I thought I would ask about this.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i actually missed that this comment was here simply because it is listed as anonymous and i usually just delete notifications of comments from anonymous with the assumption that its spam. the phrasing of the question makes me think that this is Dale but perhaps i'm wrong about that.
i didn't get the supervisor's gig, or the next posting that came out in October either. there's another posting that i've put in for again and at the very least i'll get better at the interview portion by pure repetition.