Thursday, June 13, 2013

on the sticks

last night was my first game manning the sticks at a CFL game.  it was VERY cool.  the field is awesome, they've made 30,000 seats look really cozy and the setup is such that the place is just rocking in terms of noise level all game long. 
if you look carefully at about 830 in this pic you can see a couple orange markers along the sidelines, i'm holding one of those markers.  can you see me?  i'm waving at you right now.  really, look again.  ok so maybe i'm not waving but i'm there.
traffic was brutal and that's pretty much most of the news from this event.  seating for 30,000 and assigned parking for about 6000.  thankfully as a support official i get a parking pass, i can't imagine how long it would've taken me to get to the game if i didn't have a parking pass available to me.  as it was it took me 10 minutes to walk from my lot to the bowels of the stadium where i was supposed to go, not counting the time it took while i got lost looking for the right room.  still, i made it and thankfully the Head Linesman only mocked me a little for the fact that he got saddled with a rookie for the first game in the stadium.
very cool night.  i didnt get to sleep until midnight i was running around so much.

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