Tuesday, March 29, 2016


she was the best of us. she was the kind of person that I want to be. she was a simple soul and we were robbed of her presence.

she was strong. my God, so strong. so much more strong than I will ever be but she was also so open and approachable and could make you comfortable with the fact that you were never going to know God like she ever does on her worst day.

I can unashamedly say that I love her. she was that sort of a presence in my life.

she was my first real connection in my church community. I was a complete outsider who knew nobody in the circle. I had no family there and essentially, she befriended me. I was uncomfortably sitting at my first common meal at Grain of Wheat. it could be argued that we were complete outsiders but at least Wendy had family who were already in the circle, I however knew nobody. Kathy befriended me. she opened the door for me at Grain of Wheat.

Numerous days I have spent in her home, many times just sitting and meditating or praying there. it was always a comfortable feeling to sit there in their space and enjoy the light of their lives together. I had other occasions where I had Kathy to myself for some of the most enlightening conversations of my life. she showed her heart for people and she went to great lengths to protect her relationships and pull everyone around her to God.

Kathy passed peacefully last week. she was only 57, robbed of a life that she had always enjoyed and a relationship with the world and faith that she had always honoured. I say robbed but really she was robbed of nothing, she stayed true to the end. it is we who have been robbed, robbed of having her in our lives.

I heard stories of her incredible faithfulness until the end. she was so strong. she was a leader, a quiet leader who led from the middle of us as she helped each of us while we stumbled on the path. there were days when she carried me and I like to think that there were days that I helped her on the path as well.

her service was held today, her interment is tomorrow. Andrew led the service and I wish I could've been there but it just wasn't possible. she is loved though, oh so loved. tears flow for our pain, our loss.

she truly was the best of us. a simple soul and a bright light for me.

bye my dear Kathy. I love you.

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Anonymous said...

Ian - Thank you. So many of my memories of Kathy are entwined with you and Wendy. Being with you at the viewing just "needed" to happen, and I'm glad it did. What an amazing few years we all had together in small group - wonderful, intense, and a whole heck of a lot of fun. What an amazing laugh she had - and delight for those around her - we were fortunate to be together like that for so long.
Love you both. Beth