Friday, September 28, 2007

did you see this?

we get to the age old question, do you want a dirty player on YOUR team? i have so many mixed emotions on this one. Downie got 20 games for this "maneuveur" and it has really brought back the concept of the illegal headshot to NHL pundits. i have a problem with a guy who gets mad after he gets pasted so that he just wants to go and take someone else's head off.
i was never a Downie fan to begin with, i've heard stories, probably so have you. i was talking to a young minor leaguer who told me of a time that Downie was crying like a ... well, he was crying after taking a few noogies to the skull. alright, he was still young (15ish) but i just don't get a guy who invites stuff like that and then leaves the ice in tears over it.
Downie deserved the 20 games he got, but it's going to be served next year. he wasn't going to make the squad this season anyway and he'll get some good minor league ice time. let's hope he doesn't P off too many puck carrying D in the minors.
Downie still has value in keeper leagues by the way, just not this year.

the season begins this morning at 11 am CST with Hockey Day in the United Kingdom (not the official title i believe). the Kings and Ducks face off in London England for the first game of the season. it's apparently being carried on the CBC and i intend to watch if i can. rumour is that Jonathan Bernier will be the main starter in goal for the Kings this season and there has been a good amount of buzz about him. i tried to trade for Bernier in my work league this week and got rebuffed. i just wanted to see if the other person realized all the buzz around him. there has also been plenty of talk that Halak would be traded out of Montreal (perhaps to the main job in LA or as backup in SJ) but no word on that yet. getting closer to game time. i really should get ready.

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