Friday, September 28, 2007

this is me

Not sure who will ever come this way but the intent of this blog is to provide some free advice, musings, and hopefully the occasional chuckle as it relates to fantasy sports, real sports, living life, and probably the occasional spiritual reference that you may or may not get.
I've been writing about fantasy sports for several years now at a fantasy sports website. I don't know what direction that will be going in the future and I don't want to be left without an outlet of some kind so I'm moving this direction in the hope that I can still help some folks.
My forte is fantasy hockey. It starts with the fact that I'm a hockey fan, HUGE hockey fan, and I've been very intensely involved with fantasy sports for, I don't know, 10 years? Many don't wax philosophically about hockey like they do about baseball, since this blog is titled shallowfrozenwater then you should just realize that I'm not nearly deep enough to get too introspective about how hockey relates to life but still, I'll probably do that. I'll also probably give a bunch of lame-ass opinions on several topics and invite anyone who wants to chime to do so.
I've had a metaphor in my head for a long time now. It's one that God wades in shallow water. I am a spiritual man and I won't mince that God has a significant chair in the middle of my life. I once suggested this metaphor to a composer friend thinking that it may be a good basis for a song but I now think I'll use the metaphor myself. I am the shallow water and the frozen part is due to the hockey fan in me. NHL ice isn't very deep anyway so it seemed like a good fit.
Again, not sure what direction this will be going or even if it will be going anywhere but still, there it is.
More when I get some more time, and hopefully it won't be a continual convoluted mess.


Logan's Heroes said...

As some people might know I grew up in Maine where Hockey is big, bigger there than most other states. I guess bordering Canada helps with the passion. The closest pro NHL team to me was the Boston Bruins. I grew up watching Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, Ken Linseman and Andy Moog. I moved away from Maine to south Florida after high school and with the retirement of the players my passion for the Bruins faded. I came to love a new team the Florida Panthers who at first were not very good but quickly showed team unity and made it to the finals with no true superstar just a bunch of tough guys who banded togeather. Some might remember the year of the "rat" where Florida fans and I am included in that bunch covered the ice in plastic rats. The league instituted the fan delay of game rule because of us. Oh well it was fun while it lasted and yes I still have a few rats in storage that I held onto just in case. I still to this day am a Panthers fan even though I haven't had a lot to cheer about in several years. I now reside in southeast Tennessee where hockey is hardly talked about. NASCAR and college football are the giants in this area. So I turn to the good old world wide web to get my fix. So how quickly will my Panthers get eliminated this year? I think Horton will have a breakout year, Bouwmeester will establish himself as one of the top Defensemen in the east, Vokoun finally gives tham a solid netminder and here is final projection...I think that Olli Jokinen will break 100 points. Am I crazy or just a homer?

shallowfrozenwater said...

i think your projections are on the money. Olli is the Cats best skater and they have a very much underrated D corps. love Bouw and guys like Van Ryn and Allen could take the next step each. i liked Vokoun better in Nashville but that's because of general defensive play. if the Cats D can defend and Vokoun stays healthy then they may not even hiccup on their way to contending for a playoff spot. and the East is easier to contend for a playoff spot. it won't be easy though.
if Olli has a skater or 2 to help him and Horton anchors a scoring line then they may go somewhere.
pretty cool that you still have (hopefully plastic) rats laying around the house though.