Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's the weirdest thing or maybe its not so weird after all

do you ever get little prompts to pray for particular people? i do. i find it curious the scene that i'm in when those promptings come along.

i've been led to pray for a particular couple in my community a handful of times over the last 24 hours. that's not the weird part. it's more weird because it has happened several times while i stood in front of the kitchen sink. sometimes i was doing the dishes, sometimes i was washing my hands, sometimes i was just getting a drink of water but each time the prompting has come to pray for S and D as i've stood in the same spot on my kitchen floor.

S and D got married this past Saturday, we weren't even invited to the wedding but that's not germaine. they're a beautiful couple and i genuinely like them. D is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan like me and that's always good to have around when you're lost in the tundra of a hockey wasteland like Winnipeg. S bikes to work and she blows past me on a semi-regular basis with a chipper "Hi Ian" and a whoosh ... and who wouldn't respect something like that? it's not like i travel really slowly on my bike but she goes by like i'm standing still so you just know that i respect the skills.

maybe i'm bringing some of my own baggage into the scene. maybe i'm just worried for them. some of the biggest household "fights" that have happened for me and Wendy have happened in the kitchen. they've been about household stuff like who does the dishes and who cooks and who cleans up and why that is important and should be negotiated. an old joke that's told in marriage groups is "don't pick up your husband's socks as they lay on the floor or you'll be picking them up for the rest of his life" and i may've just been projecting some of my own marital fights on a young couple who are just starting out. i hate doing the dishes ... but that's my job ... and i do it because it needs to be done and i love my wife ... so as i stand there washing plates and praying i think of a couple who have yet to negotiate the details of their life together. they'll pray through it, they may yell a little, they may cry a little or they may have no trouble whatsoever with the negotiations and come to an easy agreement that both of them like.

nevertheless, i pray for them. it can't hurt to pray for a young married couple right?

blessings on your life together S and D. may you know grace as you extend it to one another; may you know peace as you learn to rest in God together; and may you know hope as you dream together for a future filled with the love of God and each other.

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Lisa said...

not so weird. happens to me often.

and, having recently reached the age where I'm beginning to hear semi-often of friends and acquaintances (christians and non) who are getting divorces, no, it can't ever hurt to pray for a young married couple