Friday, October 15, 2010

i believe ...

i believe ... there is one body and one Spirit; just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

i believe ... that animals break through to your life much more than you think they do. that they ingrain themselves in your soul so that you never forget. never.

i believe ... that dogs are light years better than cats.

i believe ... that its perfectly ok to be an introvert and that means that i don't have to speak up in meetings even when some think that we HAVE to hear from everyone.

i believe ... that the designated hitter isn't truly necessary in Major League Baseball. if you can't play defense then maybe you can't play ball anymore. at the same time Vladimir Guerrero is my fave baseballer who spends a lot of time at DH.

i believe ... that you should absolutely keep your phone away while you're driving and the idea of texting while driving is beyond insane so that i wonder how stupid you could possibly be.

i believe ... that it's rude to point out a mistake when it happens in public. if you think it's funny to tease a busboy by applauding when he drops some dishes then you should try being the busboy.

i believe ... in the breakout pass, the dipsy-doodle, the no-look, the 2-1 fastball, the tight end slant, the kick save (and a beauty), the ground ball with eyes, the duck snort, taking the extra base and hitting it on the screws.

i believe ... in being as honest and frank as i can be, hopefully without sounding like an ass for my frankness.

i believe ... that a person should work for his pay and be paid for his work.

i believe ... that those with multiple barriers need help toward self-sufficiency.

i believe ... we're all in a search for community, for belonging, but few realize it and just call it a desire to be loved.

i believe ... that you mourn with those who mourn and you rejoice with those who rejoice, even if you all you feel is the opposite of the other.

i believe ... that playing the guitar helps me adapt and relieve some stress. i also believe it is not unreasonable to bring along my tunes for a 2 minute walk to the store.

i believe ... that i get absorbed in whatever is happening to me and i routinely forget or neglect to think about how things are affecting those i love. i have to remember to listen and feel more.

i believe ... in giving respect.

i believe ... the Philadephia Phillies are the best team in baseball right now because their pitching is head and shoulders better than any other team in the playoffs. i also believe that the Texas Rangers are going to give the New York Yankees a SERIOUS run at the AL championship.

i believe ... that the Toronto Maple Leafs will NOT go 82-0 this season but i'm still not giving up on the idea that it's possible.

i believe in riding my bike or walking instead of taking my car if at all possible.

i believe ... that my wife loves me deeply despite how dweebish i can be.

i believe ... that God redeems. God takes worthless things and makes beautiful things; that life is being found in me.

i believe. i just believe.

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