Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i've been reading this blog ever since she posted a comment on my own blog. recently she wrote a blog post that could be viewed as dark but as one who is amidst some dark times himself i found some significant hope lost in her words. i have been wanting to leave a message for Lutestring on her blog but she doesn't seem to leave an option for comments. it is my hope that she'll read these words and take some hope along her journey.
Lutestring, you give me hope to continue and i want you to be encouraged to do the same. i know little of your story but i want to say that your story is important and your words do speak to me.
blessings on your journey my friend and thank you for the bright light that i know you are, even when you think that things are darkest.

you are important.

keep on.


Lutestring said...

Shallowfrozenwater, I can't thank you enough for your loving words. I do have people to talk to in my life, and good things to enjoy, but I am still at a place where I am stretched to the breaking point. It just seems to me that life is so short, and being a writer, it's going to be something I write about. Especially with the thought that it might help someone else, even in my moments of "Holy cow! Did I just put that online?" Lol.

I needed this.

Much love to you,

rain said...

i love lutestring too. thank you for this precious note.