Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Emotional IQ

i was talking with a friend about my interview process thoughts that i've noted in recent posts and she brought up the idea of Emotional IQ as a means of interviewing people.

so i thought i'd try a little test around it. here's the one i found and took.

and here are the results.

Snapshot Report
Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression

You are reasonably skilled when it comes to the core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and others. There is still, however, room for growth. Overall, your skills in this area of emotional intelligence aid you in the process of reading others, understanding how they feel, and effectively identifying your own emotions. These skills form the basis of your ability to relate to the emotions of others as well as well as your ability to understand yourself. Review the results below for further information on areas that could use further improvement.

i don't really know what any of that means although the score is out of 100. i guess that's a decent score, but i also don't really know.

i'll do a little more reading on the subject and see if there's much i can learn and add to myself in the process.

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