Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i didn't get the job

it's disappointing.
i have to figure out what it all means in terms of my own ambitions and who i want to be vocationally. there are some philosophical views that i have within the work that i want to do and the supervisor who interviewed me has challenged me to expand some of my views so that my creativity can allow for more ways to help people. that's actually a fantastic concept because my own personal growth will be birthed out of my own creativity. if i can provide a solution in my own mind then i have that much more tools for knocking down walls and barriers.
still, no is a difficult answer to hear. i'm a bit pissed but i'm also motivated to be more of who i am. it's not really much consolation to realize that my boss knows i'm on the radar because it's part of the boss's job to recognize people on the radar.
i'm not done in this area. i got skills that are going to burst on to the scene. if i continue to get a shot then i'm going to do some incredible things.
it's ok to be pissed, it's also a bit motivating.
you haven't heard the last of me.


Craig said...

Sorry to hear this, Ian.

BUt I love your fighting spirit - damn straight you got lots of game. Go get 'em - something else will turn up that fits your gifts.

ron cole said...

Awesome attitude Ian, I have absolutely no doubt there are great things on the horizon for you.