Friday, February 17, 2012

a dream i had one night

i dreamt i was reading a comic book.
a man was walking along a path on the edge of a cliff. the path itself was very narrow and the drop to the bottom was significant although not such that one took one's life in their hands should they fall.
the next panel of the comic showed a hornet's nest flying through the air and an unidentified voice bubble coming from off panel yelling "Sorry" as it flew through the air. of course the hornet's nest strikes the cliff right next to our intrepid traveller and he's quickly surrounded by a cloud of hornets who are not at all pleased with their lot in life. the traveller begins flailing his arms because of the many stings he is receiving and of course he loses his balance and falls from the path.
this is not the end of the story though, he lands on a tree branch that is sticking out the side of the cliff. dude's in horrible shape though. he isn't far from the bottom of the cliff, close enough that he can survive as he rolls off his perch and he lies on the ground bloodied, bruised and with welts everywhere. as i continue to read the comic i begin to think that i may be looking at a Good Samaritan type story although nobody comes to the man's aid.
as he lies on the ground, he begins to crawl in his pain. eventually he pulls himself along so that he comes across a flowing trickle of water that may've just been caused from a rut a cart would make as it travels across dirt or muddy earth. he begins to drink of water that may or may not be good for him but is his only option for strength at that time.
it is at that moment that my alarm goes off and i awake to begin the day.

i don't know what it means. perhaps i'm the traveller. maybe i'm the unidentified voice that causes the demise. maybe i'm the cart driver who caused the rut that pooled the water. i do like to think that the water is a saving grace for the traveller and i do think that it helps him although i don't know what will become of him.
maybe i'm just stressed and i see disaster around me.
i'd much rather that someone had come along to help the traveller, i'd want to be that guy, but nobody came. there is only the water to help the traveller and it's still not known what will become of him.
pray for every traveller you know. the path is precarious and the potential for desolation is around us at any time.
fellow traveller, take what water you can find and let it refresh and strengthen you on your journey.

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