Thursday, March 29, 2012

if i had a twitter account ... but i don't

as i travelled home i thought about how i could've used a twitter account over these last couple of weeks since i had all these zingers to fire out at the world. the thoughts themselves weren't all that spectacular but i thought they were of some importance perhaps only to me. it doesn't matter however since i don't own a cell phone to tweet off my little thoughts whenever they meander through my mind. i do have some impertinent things to say that may ruffle some feathers though so now that i'm a few days removed from the impact it may have on that world then i might just say them here.

as i flew over different countries and states of a different country i kind of wished things were like i'd see them on Bugs Bunny where the map would show the different states in different colours and big block letters showing me that i was about to fly over Illinois or any other state i was about to enter. also why doesn't my luggage have all those stickers on it like that time that Bugs threw the baseball clear around the globe?

yes i purposefully wore my Vancouver Canucks shirt in Chicago. yes i know you guys hate those guys. yes i'm just a bit contrary sometimes.

dad wants a golf cart for touring around the park but he can't seem to find anything under $1600 and that's just too much. interesting idea though.

no madame, that isn't a really big rock, that really is an actual manatee. see, she just moved to go eat that cabbage.

my mom has this really cool recumbent 3 wheeler that she takes around the park where they live. i was amazed when my 75 yr old pop went for a 2 mile bike ride with me at a pretty decent clip. really, dude's 75 and really quite active.

my mom watches "Dog the Bounty Hunter". wasn't expecting that.

can't believe i have to pay $20 to have FedEx send my baseball tickets. there's no way i'd get tickets if i went down there to buy them at the box office though. oh well.

there's a guy dressed up as the Statue of Liberty strumming on his guitar while trying to get people to turn into one of the We Buy Gold stores that you see every 2 miles on the way to Tampa. seriously, every couple miles someone wants to buy your gold off you and i wonder what sort of money they pay to a guy to stand in the 90 degree sun and try to get people to sell their gold.

i endured about 20 ambulance chaser billboards on the 1 hour drive into Tampa. sure is a different culture that focuses so much on hurting the other guy to get your "due".

there's an osprey that nests on top of one of the light standards in the ballpark in Dunedin. osprey's mate for life so i wonder how long they'll hang out at the ballpark.

aw man, a guy just mentioned that he'd rather be wearing his Expos jersey at the Jays game. if only i had thought of that i'd love to be doing the same thing.

Brandon Morrow thows 5 IP with only 1 hit and zero runs but all i hear about on ESPN is that Cliff Lee (the losing pitcher) threw 6 IP of 6 hits and 1 run. that's just not right.

Adam Lind is going to have a very big year. i saw him foul off about 12 pitches from Randall Delgado before Delgado finally made a mistake which was crushed so hard that there should've been a stewardess on something that travels that far.

Brennan Boesch will also have a big year for the Tigers. he's got a ton of protection in the lineup and he can be relatively incognito hiding in a lineup of stars.

Omar Vizquel will be LOVED in Toronto. he's a wizard with the glove, he's got 11 Gold Gloves for his defense over the course of his career and he's just what the Jays need on their bench. he'll have a great affect on other Latino infielders like Yunel Escobar and Edwin Encarnacion. plus he's all class.

"each day is as happy as you make it". thank you dad.

Wendy emailed me to tell me that the weather has been beautiful while i've been away. i'll still take 90 degrees here though.

you think your 20 yr old full time student, full time employed daughter should also cut the grass at your house? i don't know, maybe just buy some sheep, i think she's pretty busy already.

do i dare speak up as probably the only Democrat in a room full of vocal Republicans? out of respect for my parents i'll choose not to be the contrary one. maybe after dinner i'll be able to say something then i won't have to worry about getting thrown out of the house on an empty stomach.

you can't believe Obama killed the pipeline deal? i'm SO glad he killed it, the environmental devastation on hundreds of thousands of acres in Western Canada was VERY evident in that deal.

please tell me your reasons for basing your political opinions are more than the price of gas. we in Canada are paying about 40% more for gas but we also don't have over 10% of our population one infection away from foreclosure and homelessness.

my dad just confirmed my suspicion that he's a 9 on the Enneagram, mom is too. is it any wonder how i came to be a 9 also?

yes i realize that i'm wearing a Quebec Nordiques shirt in Denver. nobody seemed to care except for another Canadian flying out of there with me.

saw the mountains from the plane but there was next to nothing to see during the one hour on the ground in Denver as i waited for my connection.

it's rather odd that i had to fly 2 time zones west and then 1 time zone east. i feel like i'm covering the same territory twice. still no different colours or block letters on the ground beneath me.

misty and 3 degrees when i land in Winnipeg. i've already been awake since 230am Winnipeg time so i'm pretty bagged by mid afternoon. think i'll give Wendy a kiss, take a shower, eat some supper and go to bed. work starts up full bore in the morning.

forgot to reset my alarm so it woke me at 330am just like yesterday. it was a good thing i noticed Wendy's clock or i would've gotten up to start the day. i've done that before in the past.

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