Thursday, March 15, 2012

the whirlwind of life

one of my friends noted in the last week that i hadn't posted anything here in March yet ... and here it is the middle of March with this as my first entry of the month. the reason for that is that there is so much to say and yet so little to say. the whirlwind of life keeps you moving as you try to keep the spinning plates from shattering or the juggling balls from bouncing away.
i went to the Jets game last night. that was amazing. i love NHL hockey and the atmosphere at the MTS Centre is ELECTRIC. the Jets schooled the superior Stars last night and showed the league once again that they're a tough matchup no matter who they're playing so long as they have a little home cooking. they're a different team on the road apparently though. i was helping a friend with his fantasy hockey team over the past month and as payment he took me to the game. the only thing i had to do in the deal was to buy him a barley beverage and that was an easy deal to make. i got home late last night but thankfully i could pretty much go straight to bed.
we're house-hunting. this probably isn't well known at all by anyone who may read this but its true, we're seriously considering downsizing to a smaller place. there are a bunch of adjustments to our living space that Wendy will need as we try to address her ongoing medical sensitivities and it just seems to be a smart move to limit the adjustments required by having a smaller place. we'd have to find a place that is absolutely perfect though, it'll make no sense to move if the environment is such that Wendy can't live there. we'll have to be necessarily picky and unfortunately that adds another stressor to the pile of stressors put on us. Wendy isn't sleeping well so it's obvious that she is very stressed. one of the major factors is that there's a very good chance that Wendy couldn't just move into a new place just like that so that'll mean that we'd have to carry two houses for a bit. that's a scary thought for both of us.
20 degree temperatures are on the horizon. they're forecasting it for tomorrow ... just in time for me to leave. i'm actually going on holidays for a little over a week. it'll just be me since Wendy still can't travel much and we couldn't afford to travel anyway (i got some help with the costs on this vacation). i'm going to the Orlando area to visit my parents and i'll have a two hour stopover in Chicago. we'll hang out, maybe i'll play the guitar a little, go play shuffleboard with my mom and take my dad to a couple spring training Jays games. i'm rather excited about the whole thing. ok, i'm really excited. i actually told Wendy that she's not allowed to buy a house while i'm away. you would think that's something that doesn't need to be said but you never know how things shake down over the course of a week. when i said that to Wendy last week ... it was a joke. now i wonder and tell myself that anything can happen. my wife is a world changer and i've learned it's best for me not to put limits on her possibilities. seriously, i've seen her do some incredible things. i trust you Wendy, just keep me in the loop.
Wendy has been taking a biology class this semester. she pours hours and hours into prep for this course and then gets all worried about whether she's ready for her midterms or whatever the case may be. she'll then walk through the door with a 95% and a "is that all you got?". classy. Wendy has always said that she's a really good loser but a very bad winner. that's one of the reasons that i love her. spunk is sexy.
my best man sent me an email today to say that his elder brother passed away recently. heart attack at 49 years old. Dale and Jodi have lived in Ohio for over a couple decades and actually it'd probably be close to that amount of time since i've seen them. they're wonderful friends who i miss and who i respect for how they choose to live out their faith journey. blessings on you my dear friend Dale.
well, that puts me up to date on the news of the whirlwind. pray about the stressy things or at least think beautiful thoughts and fire them my way.
blessings on your journey friends.

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