Friday, June 12, 2009

what's out there?

- a post about community. i get this and i agree pretty strongly

- i'm not a big guy for quantum theory but Kester Brewin spoke simply enough about quantum theory and theology that even i was able to stay with him. it's a 5 part post so keep reading.

- a friend from my hockey blog (thank you Joel) pointed me in the direction of an interesting read. i'm still getting used to it but go check out the irreligious canuck.

- Wendy and i are planning the Little Sing and Play in our community for tomorrow night. it's simple EVERYONE is invited to the worship space and bring your instrument because we're spending the evening playing songs together. i'm hoping it's a blast.

- i've been reading Jordon Cooper's blog. he's in Saskatchewan and he works at a Salvation Army there. i have HUGE respect for that sort of work since i see the disadvantaged everyday. he posted a vid that just makes you stop for a second. oh yeah, and there was an interesting discussion about Kobe on his blog too.

- i made a trade in my baseball pool today. i traded Pablo Sandoval for Jermaine Dye and Bengie Molina (i tried to link to the trade page but got an error message, sorry). i'll lose on some avg but i should really increase my power options a lot. i tried to get some speed out of the deal too but the other guy wasn't budging.

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