Sunday, June 28, 2009

what's out there?

i read a quote from Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli that made me laugh out loud. i love it when that happens.

this link made me think of a quote from our Definitely not Sunday School class quoting an author i don't remember, " the 2 best prayers i know are 'thank you thank you thank you' and 'help me help me help me'".

one of the most emergent minds i've found in my blog travels has been an emergent kiwi that regularly makes me think. in this post he talks about the packaging of the emergent church and it made me think. "Or should we be more honest. Is authentic actually a legitimation for being slack? If the medium is the message, then the packaging should never be ignored." i find comfort in the "authenticity" of my church community, love it actually. i just wonder about those whom we don't reach because of the "packaging" of our community. surely professionalism can be authentic too?
there's a followup post to check out too so dig a little deeper on the site.

definitely take 3 mins for this one. LOVED. IT.

Brother Maynard has let the cat out of the bag. i for one have really enjoyed his blog and now i can keep an eye out for him on the street.

how can ... ? excellent questions and a great answer. the answer is love, it's always love.

i'm a bit in a funk ... ok, more than a bit ... i got halfway through reading this and i know i had to link to it here. it just spoke right to the mess that is life sometimes and the pain that i have to wade through. "grin and bear it maybe, but real joy? yes my friend, joy."


Craig said...

you have such an awesome blog my friend. I loved that video! Wow. The quote is from Anne Lamott (Travelling Mercies)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link and glad you find the post helpful. i think you rightly name the tension: authenticity and hospitality. but it's a tension I like better than: authenticity and excellence,

steve taylor