Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 - call your grandma

my fam was always a Christmas morning fam and Wendy's fam was always a Christmas eve fam. so of course we do our celebration on Christmas eve. it doesnt matter there's plenty of joy to go around.
Wendy pretty much brought me to tears this Christmas. i have this old quilt that my grandmother made me and gave to me when i was a teenager. i've taken it and used it at every home i've lived in for the past (nearly) 30 years (wow). it got pretty old and ratty and worn but it was loved. my grandmother has been gone for several years now and grandpa passed a few years before that so ... i miss them. well, that quilt was falling apart and Wendy took the best parts of it and she framed it for me to put up on our wall in our family room. as i saw it in the frame i just ran my hands over it and remembered the warmth that it gave along with the loving care it always brought to my heart.
i found this vid by Sufjan Stevens (a personal fave of Wendy and i) and it made me think of Grandma.
the merriest of merry's to you all. may the love and care of family be with you and if that isn't possible then see the love and care of Christ around you wherever that may be. it is there.

h/t to The Thinklings

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