Friday, December 11, 2009

good on the Sally Army

one of my responsibilities at work is as the liaison for a job search program run through the Salvation Army here in Winnipeg. they do wonderful work and i do mean wonderful.
i see my own share of desperation and anxiety as a welfare worker and one of the best ways i know to help a person is to refer them over to the Work Readiness Program (we call it WKRP) run by the folks at the Salvation Army. they help people with their resume, get their ID together, give them some job search and interview skills and then walk them on their way to employment.
today was the Christmas party at the program and they thoughtfully invited me to come see the fun. they had some games, some lively conversation, a bit of a "devotional" and plenty of good eats (including turkey, mashed potatos and stuffing).
as i walked over for the festivities i thought about the work that Salvation Army does. they run one of the major shelters in our town, they have food programming, clothing programs, spiritual care programs and they simply are a bright light in many communities across the world.
i really do appreciate the work they do.
good on the Sally Army and that's good for guys like me. you see i see my own share of desperation and anxiety and i grasp for answers to life's questions and struggles like anyone around me.
this is an old video that i found posted here and i've elaborated on. it's Christmas time and who doesn't think of the Sally Army at Christmas time? well ok, maybe you don't think of the Sally Army but they still do great work.

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jstainer said...

It was impressed upon me just how often the gospel is being beautifully worked out, by an organization such as the Salvation Army, just a few days ago.

I called there because I knew they ran some sort of lunch program and I wanted some information on it. Turns out that in the small city that I live in they are running something pretty much every day of the week, serving food, running kids programs, slogging it out in the trenches of real life with folks. Real folks.

The guy I spoke to on the phone told me when he was at the office - from about 530am to 800pm. And he didn't say it with any kind of pride, just a matter of fact, if you want to find him, that's when he'll be there.

And you rarely hear a word about them, at least in my city. Sure at Christmas you'll see them with the kettles (if the store will let them in any more) but aside from that they generally keep a very low profile here.

As someone who works in ministry I was completely floored and humbled at how arrogant I can be about my own piece of pie and completely forget about the fact that there are other people out there literally killing themselves for the sake of others and for the gospel.

WKRP sounds like a great program (and an awesome name, I would hope that everyone there would have awesome names like Johnny Fever and Herb Tarlek!), and good on you for giving us all another reminder of what's out there in the real world.