Friday, April 16, 2010

my life right now

i'm batching it right now ... and i'm a lousy cook. i eat so poorly when Wendy's not around, i haven't had lettuce in a week and so far it has been pizza and hot dogs for suppers since i've walked in the door from my vacation.

vacation was wonderful. Victoria is insanely beautiful and hanging out there with Wendy, her sis and sis's fiance was a lot of fun. i went golfing like 8 times and didn't have to use my driver much since i have the worst slice since the invention of pie.

i tried to call Wendy last night and i kept getting an auto message that the call couldn't go through because the cell phone wasn't turned on. i actually didn't know i was calling sis's cell but apparently i was. i then called a number that i found listed on one of the plethora of address books we have laying around the house and i got this conversation.


Hey, hi B*****, how's it going?

Fine. Who's this?

It's Ian.


Is this B***** A*****?

Uh no actually, it's B***** A*********. You have the wrong number.

Wow, ok. Sorry about that B*****.

No worries mate.

interesting that i had a wrong number but i had the right name on the other end eh? i emailed Wendy and asked her to call me since apparently i don't have her sis's phone number. but hey, apparently i've made a new friend.

i spent every free moment at work with my headphones on listening to David Francey music. i'm learning a couple Francey tunes on the guitar and i'm really enjoying it overall. the link above actually talks about a different tune than the one he sings (and i'm learning). he plays it a lot faster than i do but it's still fun.

i got home from work and the entire house smelled like dog ... which makes sense because we have a dog living there. she was cute and really excited when i got home from vacation and we both hugged when i got home (well ok, i hugged her tightly). anyway, the place smelled like dog so i opened up the doors, created a bit of a crosswind and attempted to air the place out a bit. it was a balmy day in the teens (Celsius for my American readers) but it was a bit windy. Maddie (that's the dog) had spent a half hour playing with the neighbour dog in the backyard and she had even managed to steal a bone from the neighbour pup and munched on that for awhile, she was in her glory. again, so i aired the place out and the pup was happy after playing and munching so i sat in the living room with the guiar and played and sang.

it was a LOT of fun. i mean a LOT of fun. my fingers ache today but it's all related to spending a day listening to music so much that i wanted to play my own. i'm still not monstrous with the guitar by any means but it's to a place that i have fun as i play the few tunes that i have music for that i can actually get through. i'm still a bit giddy by how much fun that was.

then of course the hockey playoffs are on so i had to spend some time on that. there was also some sweeping up to do and i had to choke down my own cooking before an early night.

i miss Wendy but ... life is good.


Al said...

You need to have a burger so you at least get some lettuce in your life....

Glad to hear you got into some music. Now if you can play the Hockey Night in Canada song, you can combine two of your favorite pastimes.

shallowfrozenwater said...

i hadnt really considered that i could get greens on a burger, that speaks to me in more ways than one.