Saturday, April 3, 2010

a Tennabrae Good Friday of sorts

it was Good Friday and i had done nothing to take notice of that fact all day. i'm not home so all of my usual paths in my life to do the things i need and want to do were not available to me. normally my Good Friday schedule would mean that i take part in the Prayer Vigil early in the morning then i'd go to the Good Friday service. i'd then spend my day with Wendy, it'd be quiet and somber most likely.

but i'm not at home on this Good Friday.

i decided that i'd go meet with Al and Ron and check out the stuff that they do. i was introduced to a program they take part in every Friday called CARTS and you can see a little info about it here and here. it was freaking amazing!

i never shook the feeling that Jesus came here to serve as i stood in the rain and watched as these new friends gave out sandwiches, hot chocolate, easter eggs, a banana, pastry, and bottles of water before they started to hand out socks, blankets, a sleeping bag, underwear, dog food to the guy with his rottweiler on a chain next to his shopping cart. i was blown away. it's hard to be warm in the rain and i was just spending an hour out there before i returned to a change of clothes, a hot meal and my comfortable life. i never shook the metaphor in my head that Jesus came here to serve as he wrapped a towel around himself and he bent down to wash the feet of those around him. then he took that further and he broke bread and further to lay down his own life for those who would follow him. Jesus came to serve and i thought long and hard about how i really should be doing more of this stuff from day to day. we all serve in our own ways but there was something very tangible about handing a pair of warm wool socks to a woman who may have to sleep in a doorway tonight or a sleeping bag or rain poncho to a guy walking the streets with his shopping cart and the treasures of his life that he can find from day to day.

i'm thankful to Al and Ron for helping to open up this door to their lives. it was also nice to meet Lynn, Bob, Sister Janice, and Sam (i hope i got all the names right). may the blessings of Christ truly be present to them all as they serve in their own Tennabrae version of service. grace, peace and hope to you my friends and more importantly may the people you serve be blessed and see the hands of Christ as you hand them a sandwich.


Al said...

Thanks for joining us, Ian. I really appreciate how you jumped right in with both feet and got involved as if you had been doing this all your life. My guess is that your heart is used to serving.

It felt like one of the nastiest nights I have been out in with CARTS, but seeing each other smiling and loving kept me doing the same.

shallowfrozenwater said...

it was absolutely my pleasure Al. if i could've stayed longer i would've liked to but i was already pretty much frozen through after an hour.
thanks for the welcome.