Thursday, July 15, 2010

looking forward to ...

i'm looking forward to this evening because there's nothing on the schedule. i'm feeling really tired all this week and i'd like to just chill with Wendy for the evening, watch a Doctor Who online and maybe The Mentalist before bedtime comes early. it may also be nice to sit down with the guitar and chillax for a bit. the more i think of that the more i'd like that to happen.

i have the Bantam AA Provincial baseball championships this weekend. that'll mean that i'm scheduled to work a game on Friday evening and then i'll have two more games on Saturday. if i'm deemed good enough over the course of the weekend i may be eligible for a playoff assignment or maybe more than one but i probably won't hear about that until Saturday evening sometime. at any rate i can't be available for a Sunday morning game since i have to lead communion on Sunday ... wait, maybe i have to read scripture ... i can't remember actually but both are too important to miss anyway so if i'm offered an assignment on Sunday morning i'll be turning it down. any way i slice it though it should be a fun weekend.

Wendy and i will be performing the ceremony at Wendy's sister's wedding next month. Wendy is more than a little bit apprehensive about it since neither of us has done a wedding other than our own i suppose and let's be honest, i had very little to add to the discussion when we were making arrangements for our own wedding. at any rate, Wendy's nervous about it and the situation goes pretty deep and personal for her related to some ongoing health issues. we're both looking forward to it though, pray for us about that one, especially Wendy.

that wedding next month will mean that i'll get to vacation and make the rounds to see my family for that 2 wk period we'll be in Ontario. that'll be nice. i'm also hoping i can go see the Jays play a couple games. they play the Yankees and then the Tigers while i'm down there. i'm more than a little bit sure that i'll drag siblings, or nephews, or parents or someone along so that i can go see some ball. yes i am that shallow.

some changes at work have meant that my time is bit more freed up to do some other things so i'm planning to spend an afternoon a week working on some other projects. it'll mean expanding my talents and getting some key people noticing that i'm capable of doing more than the exemplary job that i already do. well, at least they seem to believe that i do exemplary work, sometimes i wonder about that.

at any rate, it's an ongoing theme for me today. i'm looking forward to these things.

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Lisa said...

sounds like some lovely things ahead. enjoy them fully and deeply. praying too, for the wedding you'll be officiating - for you and Wendy both.