Thursday, September 2, 2010

a day at the beach

we got a very late start so it's actually more like an afternoon and evening at the beach but nevertheless it was a truly enjoyable day.
we drove from Waterloo down to Long Point across some absolutely beautiful small town scenery in Southern Ontario. it was the first time i had ever been to Scotland(a small hamlet on the way), the town of Simcoe is glorious and Long Point itself is very obviously a tourist town all summer long.
we met Jackie and Barry there where they had been camping for a couple days and we promptly went body surfing on the waves of Lake Erie. the water was surprisingly warm for a body of water that size and well, it was a ton of fun. we then settled down to a vigourous game of Settlers of Catan during which i came in 4th (i can't seem to win that game ever) and then supper and a campfire. the campsite was perfect; right by the beach and it was extremely quiet even though the place was packed with campers. it's well worth your time if you're in the neighbourhood.
i just appreciated the chance to breathe and do nothing for a good long while. it was truly glorious.

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