Wednesday, September 22, 2010

on the bus

got to take the bus to some training this afternoon so i contacted Winnipeg Transit to figure out the best option to get there. it listed 1 option that i liked best, 2 more options that weren't really what i wanted, a fourth option that would get me to my meeting 10 minutes late and then this the final option.

Create a timetable for this plan

12:40 Rorie Street
Walk 20 minutes
13:00 Garry Street

so the final option is ... don't take the bus at all? just walk the 20 minutes to my meeting?
actually there's a decent chance that i do just that.


Al said...

I expect this is more common than we think. We have a goal, and presume that this course of action is what will get us there. Then we ask for help for that course of action.

Instead, there may well be a better way of doing the job, but we have already made up our minds on how we are going to attempt it.

Perhaps that is even true with God. We need to get something done. We ask God to do this or that in order for us to be successful. But really God is saying; "You already have the skill. Go do it!"

Enjoy the walk!

Everett Bracken said...

take a walk and enjoy the fresh air!