Saturday, December 18, 2010

dreams ... be careful what you watch on tv

rough night. i made the mistake of watching a show online that involved a crew in a submarine trapped 2000 feet down and consequently i had trapped and alone dreams all night. not at all what i needed.

i called a friend at 1230 am just because i felt like i was losing it. i love that my community has volunteered to help me through this. he prayed with me and i returned to fitful sleep. the dreams were still dark and unreasonable. they made no sense and yet i was terrified to wake unless that caused me or someone else to be lost forever. i woke with a start more than once.

rough night. now i have to figure how to fill my day.


Lisa said...

ugh. sorry. praying still.

Anonymous said...

yep. been there. needed people to sign up for days to be with me. it sucks but it'll get better.