Monday, January 17, 2011

what's out there?

it's been forever since i did one of these but there really is some cool stuff out there.

Brian McLaren highlighted a report indicating that world hunger is best cured by small scale agriculture instead of industrial farming. that means more of a move toward local food projects. it makes me all that much more happy about programs that give a farmer a goat instead of relying so much on international aid funds.

22 words notes that scientists are close to being able to clone a woolly mammoth and perhaps within 4 years they'd have a baby mammoth. apparently they haven't had viable nuclei to make the cloning possible but it's thought they can get there now. how cool would that be? to bring back an extinct species? what's that do for the young earth believer amongst us? i'm still unsure of where i stand there myself.

two spaces or one after a period? i for one have always put two spaces after a period when i type but that's only because it was drilled into my head in typing class. i really don't see what all the fuss is about but some of those one spacers can be pretty militant about it, including the editor for the other website i write for.

Jamie the very worst missionary might just be the coolest missionary i've ever heard of. she gets into some trouble because she isn't afraid to be frank and to say things that some of the prim and proper have some trouble with and that's probably why i like her so much. there are very few masks being worn where she's living and i like that.

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