Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy B-day to my dear one

Wendy celebrates her 43rd birthday today.

i am very grateful for Wendy. i am grateful when she plays, when she finds life, when she hangs on to hope, when she dreams and lets me share in those dreams. i love her cackle of a laugh, i love her heart, i love her tenacity, and i recognize her strength amongst much more adversity than i would like to deal with.
i love it that you're in school and your joy is evident when you talk about it. i honestly do love to hear you prattle on about it simply because you shine when you do. i also find the subject matter rather boring but i'm glad that you don't and it doesn't so much matter to me if i remember the pearls of wisdom you throw out in front of this swine because i get to see and hear the shine as you wax poetically about "Sister Chromatid" (yes it is a great name for a band and you should tell everyone that i said so) or whatever evolutionary trait you were talking about on Valentine's Day that went completely over my head (ZOOM! *and a hand rushes straight back over this balding hairline*).

we have significant connections and i long for more connections with you. i hope that you long for connection with me. i want more reckless abandon with each other. i want to rush toward you and i want to be rushed toward.
when it's darkest i want to share my light with you. when it's hopeless i want to carry you along the way. when you cannot find faith i want to loan you mine and i want us to live on that for awhile.
i do love you. i do love you. i do love you.
be blessed on your birthday my dear one. be blessed everyday.

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Rebecca Koo said...

So sweet. Love that last paragraph. Happy birthday Wendy!