Monday, March 19, 2012

stream of consciousness

i'm on vacation, alone. well i'm visiting my parents which so far has been really good. there was a hangup when i didnt have my parents address when i came through customs but that got resolved ok and i caught my plane on time. i had a 2 hr stopover in O'Hare International in Chicago and that was a bit of an eye opener. the airport is huge and there were people everywhere. my gate of departure changed twice but i still made out just fine. i sat in a huge window and read "The Catcher in the Rye" while i waited for my connection. the book itself is fascinating but i had to make sure that i was paying attention enough to catch my flight. i set my alarm and there were no problems. my elderly parents picked me up at midnight and i got them all tucked in by shortly after 130am. i say that because i couldn't sleep for a bit, i was still reading.

my 75 yr old mother knows who Dog the Bounty Hunter is. how cool is that?

we got some tickets for a Blue Jay game this week although the price is unbelievably stupid. i'm hoping i can get tix for another game when i'm there for the first game and i sure hope i can get a good price on them. my first tix showed up by FedEx today.

my parents have been together over 50 yrs and my dad's parents were together 62 yrs before Grandpa passed. i come from a legacy of happiness together. i said to my dad today that i've always loved how they seem happy and content together and his best advice to me was "each day is as happy as you make it".

we went to church yesterday and the sermon was 3 sermons long. seriously it could've easily been broken into 3 sermons and he'd have nearly a month's work done. what do i know though eh? i'm just the new guy. i did meet a 94 yr old sprightly gentleman. he had so much energy that i just hope that i have that much energy when i'm 65, let alone 94.

the evening service was rather plain sounding but there were a lot of amen's in the crowd. there is a simplicity to faith that i like when i see it. the text on the evening was the parable of Lazurus and the Rich Man. i would've preferred that the focus would be on how treat the poor and how that affects us going forward but it went toward a salvation perspective. i suppose that's fine if you weren't preaching to the converted but that didn't seem to be the case and i'd like to see the church doing more reaching out to the Lazuruses sitting at the city gate.

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Dale Savage said...

Great to see a picture of your parents. I think of you and them often and have wondered how they are doing.

I am sitting in Alliston, Ontario, right now at a Honda Conference. For some reason, when I come to Ontario and go through Kitchener, I think of you, smile, and my mind floods with fond memories.