Monday, November 5, 2007

fantasy hockey blogs

there are actually a LOT of hockey blogs out there, i've probably looked at hundreds in the last month or so, but there are precious few fantasy hockey blogs out there. i just want you to be sure that you check out the links that i like as they are posted on the right side of the blog page. the one for my church community has nothing to do with fantasy hockey whatsoever, those folks are way too deep for that.
among the best options that i've found in the relatively short time that i've been writing this blog still is the fine folks who used to be they are now situated at ESPN fantasy sports and they throw out quality fantasy hockey info on a daily basis. Sean Allan may be the best fantasy hockey writer around. i like Pete Becker's work a lot and Victoria Matiash is entertaining and right on point but i just think that Sean Allen has a very nice view of hockey talent in general. i don't have the love that he has for Robert Nilsson but that's ok, he doesn't have the love for PIMy players that i do.
let me next go to an excellent resource that you can find at Darryl Dobbs runs dobberhockey and i think it is THE best purely hockey website on the net. the columnists are top notch, they have a very active message board and they've been kind enough to link to my blog. they try to have a view of the entire NHL and they get away from self-serving opinion about how the writer's team is so much better than anyone else's team. i actually find that sort of unbiased writing very helpful as i'm trying to research things up for my own blog. there's little i like about blogs that advertise about how they have all the inside dope on whatever local team they're a fan of. dobberhockey is better than most sites by trying to cast as wide a fantasy hockey net as possible.
i also like but only for the blog of the guy running the site. i first heard of Eklund last year when TSN (or was it Sportsnet) brought him in as an anonymous consultant at key moments of last year's hockey season. Eklund runs a blog written by a correspondant for every team in the NHL, and to be honest i don't read any of them, only Ek's. i do like the inside info that Ek does seem to get his hands on.
i stumbled upon a few other hockey blogs that i've already linked to on the site. Peter Morrow's blog is good but i just wish he'd blog more, i like everythinghockey and just found them recently actually, and for some very interesting statistical analysis of hockey i've found that last one is a very cool site and it stays away from the "yeah us" perspective that many fan blogs seem to go toward.
now i know i do put a lot of stuff about the Leafs in my blog but i'm also trying very hard to talk about the entire league. i've tried to resist the urge to play up the advantages of a D4 on my favourite team, particularly if he has no fantasy value to your fantasy team.

there isn't enough traffic on this blog. tell your friends that i'm here and i want to help their fantasy hockey team win. seriously. i'm looking for more teams to review in this blog, i only have about 7 teams in the queue and if i don't get more than i won't have another option after Christmas.

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