Saturday, November 3, 2007


i love Leaf/Hab matchups. love them. unfortunately i only got to see a chunk of the 2nd period tonite but i made sure to turn it on in front of my Hab fan friend and then was sure to inform him later in the night that the Leafs have taken both games of the matchup this season. i still say the Habs are a scary, gutsy little counter-punching team that you don't want to take penalties against. if Alexei Kovalev is awake i've seen him do some amazing things on the ice so whatever you do, don't wake the man up but popping him or a facewash or something stupid.
i actually don't have much of an opportunity to say anymore. i haven't looked at boxscores yet much at all. more on my Sunday morning armchair tomorrow.
i'm actually at friends for a get-together right now.
all the best all.

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