Monday, November 12, 2007

PP possibles and walking wounded

Jiri Hudler is getting some nice ice time of late, scored 2 pts for himself yesterday and was even on the ice with Zetterberg on occasion. some are preaching his virtues but i point out that he's a mid-teen goals guy who just on a hot streak of late. he's a short term add while he's hot and that's on the hope that the streak continues. i'm not a believer beyond the short term though.

Dustin Bfuglien is seeing some PP time too. with all the rumour of the Hawks looking for a PP option on their D then it could just be that they go with this kid for a while longer. he's only been a callup this month and has 2 pts in the 5 games he's been in. it could be that he's one of the guys being shopped in an attempt to land a PP defense guy (i'm looking at you Bryan McCabe but let me also point out that it would take a lot more than Bfugly to a fugly defensive option like McCabe).
Jason Williams is quietly contributing on the PP for the Hawks.

there has been a lot of chatting about Peter Stastny this season, and rightly so, but i think another of the nice PP options that the Avs can throw out there is Wojtek Wolski. he's a 50 pt guy from last year that should stay at about the same level but if the chemistry continues to develop with Stastny then the upside is pretty huge. whatever happened to Marek Svatos as an offensive option? Andrew Brunette has apparently been moved up to the top line. Ian Laperriere is gone for a month with a sprained knee. i sprained a knee a couple winters ago and it was easily a month before i could walk without a limp; i can't imagine playing professional hockey and taking on goons a month after a sprain.

also on the injury front Pavol Kubina blew out a knee too and won't be heard from for more than a month. that's going to mean that the Leafs can't really move a D without getting a viable option back. Marian Gaborik still isn't ready to go and that will inflate the value of lesser lights like Mikko Koivu and Pierre Marc Bouchard as they get more opportunity.

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