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Stat Thursday - SOG/Game

2007-2008 - Regular season - All Skaters AVG SHOTS PER GAME

RK Player Team Pos GP S/G
1 Brendan Shanahan NYR L 11 ..... 5.7
2 Henrik Zetterberg DET L 13 .... 5.5
3 Alex Ovechkin WSH L 11 ..... 5.2
4 Devin Setoguchi SJS R 1 ..... 5.0
5 Jarome Iginla CGY R 12 ..... 4.8
6 Olli Jokinen FLA C 12 ..... 4.8
7 Rick Nash CBJ L 11 ..... 4.7
8 Shane Doan PHX R 10 ..... 4.3
9 Mike Cammalleri LAK L 13 ..... 4.2
10 Brian Rolston MIN R 12 ..... 4.2
11 Zach Parise NJD L 11 ..... 4.1
12 Daniel Alfredsson OTT R 10 ... 4.0
13 Vincent Lecavalier TBL C 11 .. 4.0
14 Marian Gaborik MIN R 10 ..... 4.0
15 Jon Sim NYI L 2 ..... 4.0
16 Mikko Koivu MIN C 12 ..... 3.9
17 Bill Guerin NYI R 9 ..... 3.8
18 Ryan Smyth COL L 11 ..... 3.7
19 Eric Staal CAR C 13 ..... 3.7
20 Jason Blake TOR L 13 ..... 3.7
21 Dion Phaneuf CGY D 12 ..... 3.7
22 Rostislav Olesz FLA C 7 ..... 3.6
23 Marian Hossa ATL R 9 ..... 3.6
24 Christopher Higgins MTL L 11 . 3.5
25 Pavel Datsyuk DET C 13 ..... 3.5
26 Dany Heatley OTT L 10 ..... 3.5
27 Ilya Kovalchuk ATL L 12 ..... 3.5
28 Nigel Dawes NYR L 6 ..... 3.5
29 Evgeni Malkin PIT C 11 ..... 3.5
30 David Legwand NSH C 11 ..... 3.5

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i've only given you the top 30 SOG/game guys here, if you want more you can sort more yourself at

DO NOT PANIC ON BRENDAN SHANAHAN! i'm not finding that guys are asking about dumping or trading him right yet but if you're thinking about it, then stop. he doesn't have the most shots in the league, that honour belongs to Henrik Zetterberg, but Shanny has played 2 fewer games than Zett and traditionally shoots a ton of rubber. goals are going to happen for him and they'll start coming in bunches.

Devin Setoguchi has only played one game but he got to line up with big Joe for that game and he used the opportunity to pepper some pucks. if Seto(Kaiba)guchi continues to line up with Thornton then he's a must add NOW, if only for some short term gain at RW.

Ovechkin, Jokinen, Iginla, Nash all shoot a ton and if you can pull the wool over somebody's eyes to get any of them you'll be sitting pretty. unfortunately, every hockey fan knows these guys are excellent so the price tag will never be cheap. i especially like AO and Nash because of LW eligibility and there are fewer hotter options in the entire league right now than Jarome Iginla. good luck getting any of them though.

Shane Doan has 1 goal this season but his SOG/game is top 10 right now. he'll probably end up as a 30 goal guy but if he continues to have the trigger finger going then his goal total could go up toward 40 or so. somebody has to score for the Dogs, and boy, they are dogs.

Mike Cammalleri is 2nd in goals in the league right now and i see no reason why his goal scoring prowess can't continue. he has a quality linemate in Anze the pansie and he's got D with skill to pass the puck on the PP or send low drives that bounce off springy goalie pads and lay out front. people are still undervaluing the Kings' offense in general.

on a team with Marian Gaborik on it the hidden gem in Minnesota has to be Brian Rolston. guy is always healthy, unlike Gabby, he shoots more than Gabby this season, and quite possibly could outscore him over the course of the season (if Gabby isn't a healthy option more often). me likey.

that's the top 10 guys for you. now some quick hits on guys that are surprisingly on the list at all.

i looked at a keeper team this week in my team review (see MillerTime) that had Zach Parise on it. there has been a lot of criticism of the Devils' play this season but i think that Parise is the shining star for them this season. i think that they should be relying on him even more than they are, he's going to be a special player.

Mikko Koivu is a surprising option so far this season. last year he was a bottom of the fantasy roster guy at best but this season he seems to solidifying himself into a viable C3 in a standard 12 team league. most of his value is because he gets so much playing time with the big 3 in Minnesota but he's got a shot at making it so that everyone will talk about the big 4 in Minnesota. then of course we have to add to the mix Brent Burns on D and stellar G options from Backstrom and Harding. i think the Wild will be a team to be reckoned with in the not so distant future.

Bill Guerin, Ryan Smyth and Jason Blake are traditional shooters who are getting a bit long in the tooth but are still far from a place where they've lost it. if any of the 3 is close to having "lost it" though the answer is Guerin. i didn't like his addition to the Isles and was blown away that they made him the captain before he had ever played a game for them. i don't see the Isles offense keeping up this pace and a return to earth is in the offing for Guerin and Comrie imo.

PIMy-D is the only D in the top 30 in the league. Dion Phaneuf is an elite D for the Flames and they're going to have a hard time re-signing him now that the Kiprusoff contract helps to weigh down their salary structure. i just hope that they don't have to do something like trade PIMy-D so that i have to watch him play in some backwater like Tampa Bay or a swampwater like New Jersey. if you have Dion in any league that rewards for goals or for SOG then hang on tight and don't let go.

Rotislav Olesz is injured and out for a month. he shouldn't be on this list anyway but i guess he peppered a few before his wrist gave out from the strain.

Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk are both on this list and they need to be. i still maintain that the ATL offense is going to be fine. it's their defensive play that i worry about.

the best PP in the league is in Montreal (ptui!) and Christopher Higgins is defensively responsible while he shoots the puck a LOT. leagues that count SHP need to include Higgins on their roster, particularly while he's contributing so much to overall play in other areas of the game.

i'm surprised that Pavol Datsyuk is on this list at all, he's a pass first, ask questions later sort of guy.

Nigel Dawes is playing with Jaromir Jagr. if you hadn't realized that ... then it's probably too late 'cause he would've been snapped up already.

i like David Legwand. the kid took forever it seemed to reach the elite levels that were expected of him but he's there now. he's defensively responsible, he's a leader type and he shoots the puck. he'll easily get over 30 again this year.

Evgeni Malkin will play at the same time as Sid a lot this season and may very well finish 2nd in scoring. i'm not the first to say it but there ya go.

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