Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate it here

Wendy's halfway across the country in Victoria while i waste away here in Winnipeg. this clip is Wilco and it tells the story of a guy who's partner has left. the story actually refers to a partner who isn't coming back and that isn't the case in my situation if you know the song and were about to panic for my sake. the song was introduced to me by guys like Craig and Andrew who are both big Wilco fans and well, i just love some of the lines in the tune. i truly do hate it here when Wendy's not around, my life feels like it goes right to crap if i don't have her steadying influence around me.
i had football all weekend so there was no time to think for the first few days she was away but then Monday came and the anxiety was palpable as i rode my bike to work. my own insecurities and loneliness caused me to worry about what things would be like without Wendy in my life and how i truly would Hate it Here in some senses, but then i remember that i don't have to live in those depression and anxiety moments and i am not alone.

i don't know how helpful it is for me to dwell on this thought but i truly do miss her when she's not around.

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Everett Bracken said...

I usually enjoy the first day because I feel a little bit of freedom, but it quickly turns and I miss her being around. I always try to find some things to do that I normally wouldn't be able to do if she and the kids were around. Sometimes I even do some sort of home project while she and the kids are gone.