Friday, November 20, 2009

there is enough

Judas used to hold the purse. he was the money man at a time when we didn't have or need much money in the first place.
the boys were all relaxing away the hours when Mary came in. she had a "history" apparently and i wasn't the only one who got a little uncomfortable whenever she came on the scene so she could hang around Jesus. we all wanted to hang around Jesus so i get that she wanted that too, i just got queezy whenever she showed up. she's a nice person i suppose but i just couldn't get past the shivers that went down my spine when i thought of her life before Jesus. Jesus talked a lot about forgiveness and how those who are forgiven much have more to be thankful for but it was always too much of a leap for me to look past the history of this woman and see her forgiven future.
i found myself agreeing with Judas on this occasion. i can't believe that i'm admitting that.
Mary broke into our serenity scene. the boys were all enjoying our meal, our time with Jesus without all the bustle that seemed to happen whenever we weren't sequestered away somewhere. Mary came in like she owned the place and she went straight to Jesus. she didn't bother to ask any of the "boys" if we thought it might be ok, she just barged in and immediately went to see the master. she carried a little glass jar, i didn't know what it was until she broke it open.
the smell filled the room. it was a beautiful. the windows were open so i'm sure that people passing by must've smelled it too. people stopped and lingered nearby. it's not at all often that you come across a smell like that in your daily battles. in most scenarios a perfume like that is a burial perfume so people save up all their lives to have something like that available when the time comes that it's needed. who was supposed to be dead anyway?
Judas was indignant. hey, we were all indignant, Judas was just more vocal about it. Judas was saying (i was agreeing) that this stuff could've been sold for a year's wages and we could've really helped the poor with this. he was right, we could've done a lot with the money that came from that perfume. now it was splashed on the master's feet and she had dried things up with her hair.
don't get me wrong. we later all learned what Judas was about but we still could've helped some real folks with the funds that came from something like this. i was most struck by Jesus' reaction.
he said, "there is enough". his Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and there is enough for this and for more. Mary would be remembered for lavish praise and the gospel is about much more than good news for the poor. she is remembered for lavish praise and that is not a waste.

Jesus was saying, "you're not poor; you're not rich either but you're not poor." you have an inheritance and your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. God has more for you and there is enough to cover this expense and much more.

Jesus wasn't saying that God wants you to be rich, he was saying you're not poor, and there's a difference there. if the Father can care for a sparrow and a lily then He'll definitely be able to watch over you too.
it just hadn't occurred to me that Jesus' riches went a lot deeper than whatever coin was carried in Judas' purse.
there is enough. there is more and your Father has enough to meet your need.

i can still smell that perfume and i hope the smell of that worship lasts for millenia.

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