Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what happened to the Prodigal's boss?

time's are hard. i'm fortunate enough to have a little set aside but really ... there's a famine going on. it's a miracle that i can keep a few farm animals alive as i find some meager things to feed them. it's even hard to find servants who'll work with them. who wants to sink so low as to work with pigs? i was lucky to find this Jewish kid, at least i knew that he wouldn't kill and eat the pigs, he just doesn't want to go that far.
funny story. this kid was actually carousing around town for the last year or so. he was spending everything he had as he trolled from bar to bar and went from woman to woman. since i happen to own one of those establishments where he's spent much of the last year then i've been a happy recipient for all that coin that he's been throwing around. he kept my other business interests alive as he spent his way toward my pigpen.
man oh man has this kid fallen a long way ... but what do i care? it's gotten my other interests into great stead and it's on its way to getting my farm interests into another good stead.

what do you mean he's leaving? he can't leave, i've got him just where i want him. just where i need him. the fact that he's miserable is just his own fault.

what am i supposed to do now? how's a guy supposed to support himself in a famine when i don't see any other young punk out spending his inheritance? well, there's lots of poor folk around, i'll be fine. won't i?

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