Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what i love about TV

yes it's true, i love tv. probably too much. i'm not about to leave my wife to cozy up to a large screen plasma or something but sometimes i do think that she's going to chuck this whole marriage thing because i get totally absorbed in the life of Jack Bauer or Shawn Marcum's curveball.

so let me break down the things that i like for you.

1) Heroes. this show absolutely OWNED for the first season that it was on. it then went a bit downhill for a couple seasons but i still didnt give up hope that it would continue to rock my world. i have a deep ingrained desire to be a hero and i have thought in the past how cool it would be to have a superpower ... and not any of those lame superpowers like the Spleen or the Shoveller from Mystery Men either. Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura are fab and it's even looking like Sylar is turning a corner toward becoming someone that could actually be liked.

2) 24. i've watched from the beginning and i've managed to ignore some of the inconsistencies in the storyline so that i could just enjoy some angst for awhile. President David Palmer has got to have been my favourite character (outside of Jack that is) although i suspect that there's a storyline that is going to flow out of the Freddie Prinze Jr character (Cole) before all's said and done.

3) sports. you either love it or you hate it. count me amongst the lovers and count my wife amongst the haters (that's ok, i still love you honey). Wendy doesn't even like the SOUND of a game going on and if we're both watching tv then we're going to be watching something we can both enjoy (i figure that's a fair argument). unfortunately that means that i can watch less sports than i want to but also when i get the opportunity ... i'm watching the game.

4) The Mentalist. Wendy says Patrick Jane is so dreamy (yes she actually has said that). it's a good thing that i know she loves me. at any rate, that character is really lovable. really lovable. ok, i'll admit that i've thought Patrick Jane is dreamy too.

5) Dr Who. the best science fiction franchise EVER. it's been running for decades and still going strong. i miss the Space channel and i know that they air it. we dropped to basic cable so that we could sponsor another child at World Vision so there's no way to justify taking food out of Mohammed's mouth so that i can watch the Doctor run. i'll figure another way.


h/t to Of Wool and Water

7) Saturday morning cartoons. it's true that i have no kids but still, i regularly find myself up early on a Saturday morning so i can watch sports hi-lites and then tune into some toons. i used to be hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh (yes it's true and Wendy mocked me mercilessly) but i've moved on to other things. no it doesn't matter that you think it's lame, i'm still doing it.

8) How I Met Your Mother. it's just LEGEND .... wait for it ... DARY!

9) Big Bang Theory. let's play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. Sheldon Cooper will geek your world.

10) The Top Ten List on Letterman. it's usually on as i doze off at night (Wendy puts it on snooze so that the tube's not on all night) but i also usually can't knock off until i've groaned along with the list.

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Stainers said...

I hardly ever watch TV. If it's on and I am watching it, there is a hockey game, The Office, or maybe Jeopardy. That's about it.