Sunday, May 30, 2010

things i heard during worship today

it was Trinity Sunday and our homily spoke of mystery. i don't understand the Trinity and i'm ok with the mystery that is.

my heart soared during a couple of the songs.

We are on the rock, the rock at last.
We are on the rock at last.
Our souls have found a resting place.
We are on the rock at last.

and after the homily we heard

Behold what you are
Become what you receive
Take up the bread and wine
Embrace the mystery

go to this link, and listen to a sample of "Embrace the Mystery" on the left of the link.


jstainer said...

Never really given Steve Bell much of a listen but that album is simply awesome.

Added to my 'To Buy' list!

anias blog said...

It was a beautiful worship - and Gord's songs are simply awesome. Check out my blog today Ian for a "different" version of contemporary worship.
It will either make you laugh or squirm (I'm guessing laugh)


margaretkiaora said...

Thanks for the sample music-hope my Local Christian Bookshop can get it for me.