Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15 song shuffle

i saw this done by Lisa and i knew that i could easily do something like that too. it's a little bit of fun and we'll just see what we end up with. i have a pretty eclectic mix on my work Media player.

so here's the first 15 songs that came up on shuffle from my Media Player music library. you can do this too, and i'd be interested.

1. Marie - Steve Bell
2. As long as the Sun - Steve Bell (interesting, 2 in a row)
3. Reservations - Wilco
4. Blowin' in the Wind - Neil Young
5. Love is So Blind - Mark Heard
6. Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
7. Waiting for Aidan - Steve Bell (ok, is this thing broken? i'd say that only 10% of my player has Steve Bell music on it. where's the Larry Norman?)
8. Stubble and Hay - Gord Johnson (another friend)
9. Eventide - Steve Bell (sigh. maybe its a sign)
10. Twelve Good Men - Larry Norman (WOO HOO!)
11. Things have changed - Bob Dylan (another very cool tune. it was on the soundtrack for Wonderboys)
12. The 59th Street Bridge Song - Steve Bell's kids as a bonus track to Sons and Daughters. it's pretty cool actually.
13. Day Tripper - The Beatles
14. Airline to Heaven - Billy Bragg and Wilco (i've actually learned to play a rendition of this song on my guitar and it sounds rather cool if i do say so myself)
15. Outta Mind (Outta Sight) - Wilco (my buddy Craig should be pleased to see how much Wilco comes up in this discussion too.

ok, i changed one of the tunes because tune #16 was one that i couldn't resist. technically i cheated but you wouldn't have even known had i not had a guilty conscience about it.
well, that's me. how about you? throw down a link or a comment if you do the same because i'll want to see it.


Lisa said...

great list :)

glad you made one!

dave said...

Endless-by Exeter Flud
Down in the Lowlands-Charlie Peacock
Orange Spider-MeWithoutYou
Praise you-Fatboy Slim
Cleansed by ire-Alice Cooper
Atom Age-Bill Nelson's Red Noise
Only One Love-David Ruis
Robot Boy-Linkin Park
Hallelujah Here She Comes-U2
God's Country (remix)-U2
Honey Run (instrumental mix)-Mike Roe
Sun and Sky-Violet Burning
Hayfever-Trash Can Sinatras
Walk With Me-Neil Young