Tuesday, November 2, 2010

how do you take your coffee?

i can be a bit quirky. some call it weird but to me it's just quirky. there's a difference y'know.

i don't like cream in my coffee; i put milk in it. yeah i know, what's the difference right? i was once told that if you wanted to lose 5 lbs you could just switch from cream to milk in your coffee. i did that when i was about 25 and i never went back. the funny thing is, i don't remember losing no 5 lbs, in fact my gut is decidedly larger than it was when i was 25.

i can't really tell you how much milk to put in my coffee either. well, kind of but not really the same as normal folks. sometimes i don't care, like maybe i'm at Tim Horton's for some joe and it's not worth the effort to explain just how much milk needs to go into my large leaded beverage. in that scenario most folks just ask for a single or a double or whatever it is that turns their crank and in that situation i just go with a single but that's not really what i want.

are you ready for this?

i want enough milk in my coffee that the milk goes down to the bottom and bounces back to the top. that's the right amount of milk for my cup of coffee.

now you know and you're the better person for knowing it.


anias blog said...

You know I always wondered.

I am a milk man as well - got so used to it, that I don't like it with cream now, and even have it black sometimes.
But whats the deal with the 5 pounds? Where did mine go... and by that I mean it stayed!


Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd