Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Enneagram question

so if i assume that i am a 9 with a 1 wing ... as i move to a healthy space i move to 3 but does my wing also move? i ask this because i keep seeing parts of me that seem very 3ish with a 4 wing.

is that possible?

one of the problems that i have with the idea of being a 9 is that they view themselves as "nobody special" and that just doesn't fit me. i do have a significant part of me that screams "i am special, notice me!" and that's very 4 of me.

just a pondering recently.

ok, i've just read a bunch of stuff about the 4 and i'm convinced that i'm not nearly flambouyant enough to be a 4. i'm not saying that i can't have a 4 wing though, that's still possible.

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