Monday, April 11, 2011

priorities, obligation and expectation

this came up in a discussion with my wife last night. my football assignor emailed me to ask if i'd be available to work a football game on an upcoming Sunday morning but this would directly conflict with Sunday morning worship. i asked for Wendy's opinion and she stated that it's something that could be done but not something that should be done regularly since we've made a commitment to our church community that should be honoured.

i looked at her quizzically and didn't make the argument that came through my head. here's my argument.

haven't i also made commitments to other things in my life? don't i get to choose my priorities and go to those places that give me the most joy? aren't i the one who gets to choose my own path?

yes i have. yes i can. yes i do.

if someone were to ask me why it is that i'm not in worship on a given Sunday morning then my answer would be quite honest ... because i was reffing a football game ... or i was umping a baseball game ... or i was sitting at home watching tv, or reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee and a lazy morning around the house. my point is that i get to make that decision and i get to move in directions where i think i will find the most for my life in that time.

yes i realize there is selfishness attached to the words i'm writing here but i'm not saying that i'm not going to go to church. i'm saying that i will choose where i think i can be best served given my priorities and desires in my live and in a given moment. many times my choice is going to be to sit in my regular chair in the front right of our little semi-circle of our community but sometimes the right position for me is to be 8 yards behind the quarterback with a flag in my pocket and a whistle in my hand.

i'm at a stage where i'm reacting to the "rules" right now. i'm sure that my obligations will remain in place as i set my own priorities. if anyone is inquiring into my whereabouts i'll be very honest about where my priorities sit at any given time. so i'll be reffing a football game on an upcoming Sunday morning if i actually get assigned to it. it could be that i won't get assigned in which case i'll likely be sitting in my regular chair in my regular spot in my regular circle. but that will also be my choice, and i'll worship in my own way sometimes.

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Al said...

IF (and it's a big if) being in a churchy setting on Sunday morning was essential to the fulfillment of being a Christ-follower, then perhaps it should have the highest priority.

However, if being an honest and thoughtful follower of Christ means that you are trying to be the best living example of Jesus that you can be, it may well mean that you should be at the football game.

Commitments and the keeping of them are important. But sometimes they need to be reevaluated. And sometimes the best way to live out your faith is to be surrounded by people who might not share that same faith.

I'm not saying you should quit attending and supporting your faith community. Only you can figure out where you are supposed to be, and what you choose to commit yourself to. Of course, to keep peace in the family, it probably needs to be something that involves some discussion.