Friday, April 29, 2011

monthly fantasy baseball updates

i'm REALLY into baseball and i play fantasy sports in pretty much every major sport. after one month of play in the baseball season i stand in various places with each of 7 fantasy baseball teams.

i'm in 1st place in the Dobberbaseball Readers League. this is a league that i was "asked" to host after i finished a dismal 11th last year in the Expert's League. i've made some pretty shrewd pickups in my opinion and i look to be only one of a few who have seemed to have figured out the league settings here. it's pretty key to have enough SP's to get you to 200 starts on the season and everything else is unlimited. i traded Shawn Marcum for Victor Martinez because i'll easily hit my 200 starts quota and i was desperately in need of an elite catcher.

i'm in 2nd place in my work league full of folks who work in my building. i won the hockey league with these same folks and i'm the reigning champ in this baseball league. i haven't even looked at any trading options here yet because a lot of what i need i've found on the waiver wire. i'm also buried in injuries in this league but i'm hoping to trade for some more pitching once my hitters come back to form.

i'm in 5th place in my H2H 20 team dynasty league. i took over this team last year and took a 14th place team up to 9th by season's end. the growth has continued although i still don't consider myself a top team here. i'm hoping to finish top 6 this season but we'll see.

i'm in 1st place in my CanAm fantasy point league. i realized too late last year just how important starting pitching is so at season's end last year i loaded up on young pitching and just hung on to them to start this season. my pitching is leading the way for me and my sticks are decent enough to keep me in the lead so far. i'm hopeful.

i'm in 1st place in my H2H World League. this is a league i've been in for about a decade full of guys i've never met but it has always been competitive so i've stayed in it. i'm not a big fan of H2H leagues but i've won this league like 4 of the last 5 years or something so there's no way i'm complaining about it now.

i'm in 10th place in my roto World League. this is ironic because this would be the World League that i'd actually prefer to win and actually did win in back to back years ... 3 seasons ago. i just can't seem to figure out the right mix of players in this league and i hate languishing near the bottom of any baseball league.

i'm in 11th place in my 14 team H2H league. i care about this league the least actually but i made a trade last week to add a good young hitter in Ike Davis and all it cost me was Zach Britton who i believe will drop off in stats over the course of the season. i expect to be moving up in this league and i should be competitive over the course of the season.

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