Friday, May 27, 2011


Wendy came home from the hospital on Sunday evening and we've spent the week trying to help her feel better. i took some family leave from work and tried to determine ways i could help her without getting in her way.

i'm astounded by Wendy's strength. the night of her surgery she actually was able to take a stroll down the hospital hallway and she's just so independant that i've very literally said "i don't know how to help you" since she just does most things herself. she has graciously said that she'd let me know whenever she needs something.

there were a couple migraines this week, that's troublesome. on occasion she has said that her abdomen feels like she's done situps for hours. i'm concerned with her mood sometimes, so is she.

still it's great to have her at home. i love you Wendy.

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