Thursday, May 19, 2011

surgery update

Wendy had major surgery yesterday. she was supposed to be done by 230 in the afternoon but there were some complications with pain management and then some stuff with her blood pressure so that she finally didn't go back to her room until 6 pm. in the meantime, i had no information at all and i stood around trying to be patient with my own powerlessness.

she's fine. her blood pressure returned to her usual textbook normal and we spent the evening chatting and talking. i was pretty amazed with how lucid she was for most of the evening actually. by the end of the evening she was getting pretty tired although she wasn't admitting it. she would pause mid-sentence and then not remember what she was talking about at all. if you know Wendy at all, that is very much not like her. the pain meds were significant and actually they had to consult with a doctor at the pain clinic to find out why the normal amount of pain meds wasn't touching her pain but that's Wendy, no half measures, pain through the roof and strength through the roof to match it all. i still can't believe how lucid she was with all that meds in her, and she even went for a stroll down the hallway! holy crap on a cracker!

she called me this morning and seemed really chipper. she actually woke me up which says to me that i slept more than she did last night, and i didn't have a huge incision on my abdomen. i had to call into work though, i'm taking family time off for what i expect will be about a week and a half.

my dear one, you are loved. you are loved. you are loved.

**** further update ********

i just came back from spending most of the day at the hospital. it turns out that Wendy didn't sleep at all last night although it's not because of pain. she dozed at periods during the day today and after i left for the day she had just dozed off for what i'm hoping is a lengthy sleep.


jstainer said...

2 things.

1) I'm consistently amazed at the stuff my wife is able to go through and remain a normal human being, when I can barely watch a hockey game going the wrong direction without feeling sorry for myself. Not afraid to say that she's a lot "tougher" than me!

2) Congrats on getting an NHL team back in Winnipeg - I'm happy for the city and its fans.

Lisa said...

praying for both of you - for a smooth recovery, and much peace.