Monday, May 2, 2011

what to do about Osama?

i'm not rejoicing at the death of Osama. we in the West viewed him as our enemy and it seemed at least that he hated the West. i suppose if he had met me he would've hated me but at the same time we are to love our enemies so i couldn't call him my enemy.

i opposed all wars over there. i oppose the ongoing war over there. i do not want my country involved in a war over there and i want them to come home.

friends do not let friends drop bombs on children. i saw that written on a peace sign once and i've always remembered it. i also agree with it.

i don't mean to imply that i agree with the politics of Al Quada, absolutely no. i just oppose war in all of its forms. i suppose its the peacekeeper in me, it's also the conflict avoider in me but i do not want to cause or see caused the harm of anyone in pursuit of any paradigm, even one that fits my own cultural system.

i'm a bit confused about what my reaction is to be. i certainly won't be gloating about the killing of a man, even one on the other side of opinion from me. i can't be thankful for that. a part of me isn't all that upset about it either though. that part of me scares me a lot because i could easily jump the gulf and be militant about things. but i don't want to be that guy.

so i really don't know what to do about Osama. aside from praying for peace i suppose.

aside from praying for peace.


jstainer said...

Our family left the more typical style church about a year ago and have been struggling to find our place. Tried to startup a home church setup but for a number of reasons it's on a bit of a hold right now.

After hearing the words of eternal damnation and shouts of praise that someone was exected - and hearing it the loudest from the so called Christian churches out there (not all, but many) I doubt I can ever reintegrate myself into that sort of hateful, ugly community again.

I am encouraged that there are individuals who struggle with an appropriate response like yourself, and though don't always have an answer, see peace as the only option.



shallowfrozenwater said...

you are always a welcomed voice around here Joel. i've actually missed the contact we used to have a good deal.
the right wing newspaper actually had as its headline today "Burn in Hell" and i was more than a little bit appalled.