Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20 years together

on June 22, 1991 i stood at the front of your home church and beamed as you walked down the aisle toward me. we were two 20-something kids who looked like they were teenagers but our families joined together to thank God that we could be together. i still remember vividly your voice beside me as you sang the descant in "Alleluia, He is Coming" and it still gets me weepy whenever it is sung to this day. i still laugh at the thought of you sticking out your tongue in concentration as you put my wedding ring on my finger. i really don't remember any part of the "sermon" given on that day but the joy in the faces of those that we love was evident and i remember that strongly. the best man was decked out in all his nearly Amish glory and the ushers were resplendant in their hockey hair and boyish charm. the maids of course were all beautifully decked out but in truth no one held a candle to the bride on that day. i was nervous. i was also ready. i believed and still do that we were together for a purpose and i was eager to start a life together.

it has been very good, and at times it has been very hard. we have loved, we have fought and we have stuck together through rich and poor, sickness and health. if i could do it over i would say i love you more often, i would be more attentive, i would try not to be as weak as i have been. we have taken some hard knocks but we are still together and we have been faithful to our vows to one another. you can't get rid of me, i'm in it for the long haul.

i have loved your tenacity. your strength amidst pain amazes me no end. your talents are unending and i'm so glad that you are my partner in this journey. your laugh always cheers me whenever i hear it. a kind word of encouragement from you carries me for a month at a time and time spent with you just sitting on the couch is a highlight for my life. my life is secure because you have made it so. we are in good places because you have dreamt well and prodded me to be more adventurous. i know that my fears have frustrated you because i'm hesitant to move but you've always tried to be patient with that part of me.

you are loved my dearest. you will be loved dearly over the next several decades that are ahead. any time my poetic heart lifts his head and speaks to the world it is because i am inspired by you. much of my success is attributable to you and i am trying to extend those influences as i consider the support that you have been to me over 20 years.

i know, i know, "SEEMS LIKE FOREVER" as you've said in the past. 20 years isn't all that long if taken in the light of the impact made on lives around us. you are a bright light among us. you are inspiring. you are loved. you are strong. you are my wife and i thank you for it.

blessings on you for your life, for our life. may you know grace, peace, hope and health. i continue to pray for you and for us everyday. i love you Wendy.

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Steve Porter AKA: BibleDude said...

wonderful post... great love!

Betty Ruth and I have been married 42 years in July. God hooked us together, bonded us and is showing us what Love is to look like.