Friday, June 10, 2011

thoughts about nothing

the Boston Pizza commercials about the wing expert are purely annoying. as in, kill me now.

there's a truth in advertising radio commercial that has a jingle that still makes me chuckle when i hear it all about a guy's excuses for why he won't be going to the wedding of his sister-in-law that day. i sang it to Wendy last night and she looked at me like i was from Alpha Centauri or something. it still makes me chuckle though.

when you throw it around the horn on the baseball field you NEVER throw it to the 1st baseman. trust me, it's bad luck and you don't want to waste one of those throws that you're going to need during the game. stop doing that sort of thing.

when i'm on my bike i only stop at stop signs if there's something i need to stop for. i ALWAYS stop at red lights and you must get off your bike at a crosswalk but you should probably run if you're holding up traffic like i do on Main St everyday.

i learned to play "Nod over Coffee" by Mark Heard in the last week.

i've had the chord progression for over a year now but i just learned how to put it all together recently and it actually sounds pretty decent if you ask me, which you didn't. if you want to hear a good version then be sure to listen to that youtube up there.

i was asked to be an Umpire in Charge for a Peewee Playoff tourney but it looks like it'll conflict with another tourney so i think i have to pass. it sucks actually because it would enable me to do a little bit of teaching with some young guys about how to do this umpire thing a little better. i like those moments of my life when i can go into mentor mode.

Wendy went for short bike ride only 2 weeks after major abdominal surgery. how freaky is that? she is such a strong woman. gawd do i love her.

Larry from my church community said he was listening to a band called "Over the Rhine" so i went to check it out and i've got to say ... i'm not interested at all. funny because Larry is one of those guys that hits more than he misses when it comes to music but still, definite miss for me.

the fact that the Canucks have home ice advantage and get the last change at home will mean that they'll get the twins away from Chara more often and therefore will win the cup in 7. hear me now and believe me earlier than that.

the captain of the Winnipeg NHL franchise was in town yesterday and chances are very good that he'll sign a contract before he becomes a restricted free agent on July 1/11. that's only if you ask me, it's not like i have a pipeline to any inside info on this one but any Canadian kid would love to be the captain of a Canadian NHL team. your name would go down in history as the returning captain that returned NHL glory to the Peg so that's why i say he won't test the market, he'll just sign on the dotted line for a decent raise.

we don't get the SPACE channel since we've decided that basic cable is enough for us. that means that i don't get to watch Doctor Who though and i have to watch it online. unfortunately the site that loads it up needs to pause every 6 seconds to load. i've tried clearing out my cookies and the temp internet files but still no solution. it's more than a bit frustrating.

Mike Moustakas is the next big thing for what will be a steadily improving Kansas City Royals team. they have some young pitching on the scene, significant power at the corners and all they need to add now is a stud outfielder.

i came out my front door to check the mail one day this week and saw one of the student employees from work sitting on the front steps of the apartment building across the street. small world.

a Jewish acquiantance of mine asked me if he could bring something back from Israel for me and i suggested that if he were at the wailing wall he could say a prayer and leave the prayer note in the wall. how cool is that?

i wonder if i should do some of this stuff on Twitter? it just seems like such a trivial little hobby full of self important and unimportant thought that i don't want to add more to the morass of whatever it already is.

we went to Costco last week and i bought so much creamer for work that i suspect i will NEVER be able to use it all. i'll probably have to give it to someone when i retire in 13 years at the earliest. i wonder if coffee creamer has an expiration date?

someone who i never hear swear (because she really is a bit goody-goody ... and i mean that in a good way) mouthed a very real swear at me the other night. i was just so happy that she was willing to break the mold of perception that i just laughed out loud and gave her a huge hug. is it weird to be joyful after someone has just fired an F sharp your way?

it was wonderful to sit with friends and enjoy some nice conversation on Wednesday night. if you were there, thank you.

it is pure joy to pound the pedals after a long day's work ... many days this time of year i get to go ump a baseball game later in the evening. its a fun time of year for me.

i bought some beer for the Stanley Cup Finals. i don't drink much so when i can chill and celebrate a little its good to enjoy some Sleeman's at the same time.

you are loved. you are loved. you are loved.

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