Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the Greening of Eritrea

Eritrea is the birthplace of humanity. It is a land that has been ripped apart by drought, famine, and revolution but it also has found a way to touch my own heart from time to time. I remember as a youth our church sponsored a refugee family from Eritrea and I first heard about the land. Recently a dear friend has come into my life and his family history has come out of that place as well. My friend Aki has blessed me beyond compare in the very short time that I have known him. In a sense the land of Eritrea has blessed me too because he is of that land and we all have our roots in that land.

If you have 15 minutes then go check out this video on The Greening of Eritrea that talks about how they are using sea water to bring rebirth to land and communities where it is drastically needed. It absolutely blew me away.

Well worth your effort.

h/t to Brian McLaren

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