Tuesday, October 30, 2007

impertinent thoughts - quick version

Michael Nylander's picture on his Yahoo page gives me the impression that he'd make a great monk. that's just what i think when i see him.

Nigel Dawes is lining up with Jaromir and Shanny and will be for a long time by what i can tell. he should be added in every format imaginable, ok maybe not in shallow 8 team leagues or something.

Devin Setoguchi lined up with Joe Thornton and Milan Michalek last night. if that continues then he'll be a very nice add too, probably shorter term than Dawes though.

Mike Ribeiro leads the Dallas Stars in points/game. did you see that coming? he gets significant PP time for the Stars and their defensive play is making him a lot more defensively responsible than he was as a Hab.

Niklas Hagman is going to where he belongs, the realms of mediocrity. his game was "hot out of the oven" now it's just plain stale.

Dan Boyle is back on the ice for the Lightning. he only played 12 minutes or so last night but that's going to go up to 20 minutes very soon. Paul Ranger will see a decrease in ice time accordingly.

if any lady is reading this blog i'd love to hear her opinions about who are the ugliest guys in the NHL. it was an idea i tried to get Victoria Matiash to write about for TMR.com last season but it was never got to. i still think it'd be a great read.

how does Marcel Hossa (not the good Hossa) get 19 minutes of ice time on any night? i just don't get that. the Rangers do realize they have the less talented brother right?

the Rangers need to trade for an offensive defenseman and they still have Al Montoya in their minor leagues wasting away. i've got to think that Montoya could land any available offensive D on the market and it's not like they're going to have room for Montoya anyway, Lundqvist will be their goalie for the next decade.

stupid Capitals. how dare you embarrass my Maple Leafs like that. and on home ice too. oh wait, maybe that's the reason, the Leafs need to be on the road before then can seem to win.

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