Monday, May 4, 2009

i love it when she laughs

my wife has the best laugh in the world. seriously, best laugh in the world. i change rooms at a party just to be closer to her when she's laughing although, i don't have to change rooms. her laugh is so big, so hearty, so wonderful in a curiously cackling sort of way that i don't have to change rooms, i just do.

not everybody likes her laugh mind you. she's been "chided" in the past for having such an inappropriate laugh in an office environment (for example). however, everytime i've heard something like this i've jumped to the rescue because i NEVER want that to die. I LOVE THIS ABOUT WENDY and don't you DARE try to squash this.

to laugh is to enjoy life and i need her to enjoy life. my heart sinks when she's struggling and it flies when she can laugh with me. my own failures don't always keep her happy but it's not like all of life is supposed to be a lark either. at any rate, i love it when she laughs.

last week i sat and listened to her talk on the phone with a very good friend. it made my day. it's not a giggle, it's a full blown, get out of your chair, what the hell was THAT sort of laugh. i LOVE it when she laughs.

hmm now i have Bruce Cockburn running through my head. Listen for the Laugh, that's good advice.

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ron cole said...

Ian, the world needs more laughter. You're lucky to have that sound in your life.